The Incredibly Fun and Young 3 Blind Mice by J.A.S. Design-Build

Wanting to have a house for all the family members to enjoy at all cost without shadows and with pleasing vibes on the air, you got to see how things are done in this awesome eclectic loft apartment brilliantly designed by no one but J.A.S. Design-Build Located in located in Seattle, Washington, the house owns all the reasons to be getting into fun situation and happiness.

It is not about the shape or the size of it, it is about how free and how sweetly the house is adorned. Those colors and those adorable things and stuff mobbing the space can make the house turn into a dreamy land for everyone to share time and experience in joy and delight. It is simply beautiful and very amusing no matter how you see it. First, we invite you to dining space. It is quite simple to be very honest, but the wooden table, as sweet as it is, is nicely paired with several unique chairs in assorted colors. The wall feature a big black board letting you kids’ play with their creation and imaginations by writing or drawing things safely there instead of ruining you motionless walls. It is erasable so they can play as they want without getting your nerves. The kitchen is there at the back separated with unique shelving to put kitchen things in good management. Some porcelains and fragile stuff are stored safely far from your children’s reach. The yellow kitchen island is super fresh and stunning adding liveliness there to get a good mood. The living space is ten out of ten as long as its comfort level is concerned. The look is also very inviting and impressive though it keeps only small part of the house. The rustic fireplace cannot get better than this with brick accents. Next to this space, a home library is found with some wines involved. The bedrooms are unbelievable. They are all very adorable and that colorful stuff added make them a lot better. Even the empty space under the stairs is used to keep a bed there and get a warm nest for a sound sleeping.

We really lost for words. The place is like a dream space with happiness all around and fun atmosphere to be in high spirit. This one will be loved by both parents and kids. You really have to see it yourself. It is one of our favorites, definitely.

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